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Towards the end of 2020, I embarked on a journey that has made a significant impact in my own mindfulness practice and in my healing journey back into wholeness. I applied for and got accepted into the 2-year “Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (MMTCP)” conducted by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, two very eminent teachers in this field. This program started in Feb 2021. 2,500 students from 75 countries were selected from 6,000 applicants. The admissions process included a written application, fulfillment of prerequisites, and a commitment and dedication to the practice of meditation and mindfulness. 78 mentors were assigned to work with us.

The returns from this program were far more than what I was expecting. I made friends and connected deeply with some of my classmates virtually from all over the world. I felt that I was part of a mini-movement of teachers who were learning finer aspects of Buddha’s teachings and then propagating them to the world. The program was academically rigorous with lectures and assignments on different topics every month. The focus of our second year was on conducting 2 Practicums. We had to go out and choose participants to teach them the basics of mindfulness practices. I am grateful for my employment with PeaceHealth as I was able to quickly identify 3 cohorts of interested Caregivers to teach mindfulness. I taught an 8-session “Introduction to Mindfulness” course to 2 cohorts and a 6-session “Introduction to the 4 Divine Abodes” to a cohort of Chaplains. I received valuable feedback from many participants that helped me hone my abilities to teach mindfulness.

In January 2023, we all participated in a virtual MMTCP Closing Gathering. This comprised of 2 full days of talks, guided meditations and group interactions. Jack and Tara conducted a heartfelt and stirring ceremony to end the closing gathering. I was very emotional towards the end. In some ways, I was ready for the 2-year program to end and in some ways I was not ready. I was not ready to part company with so many of my classmates. I had such a wonderful time learning from all of them as well as influencing them in my own way.

Fast forward to Thursday, April 27, 2023 when I received the MMTCP certificate in my E-mail. I am absolutely delighted and proud to share this with all of you today. MMTCP has made me a far better practitioner of mindfulness and a far better teacher than I could have ever imagined.

If you are interested in understanding the broad practice of mindfulness as outlined in the old tradition and if you are interested in learning how it could help you, then please message me at

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