Testimonials from participants of Al’s Executive Mindfulness Coaching

  • Summit Mindfulness was invaluable in launching my mindfulness practice, after much procrastination on my part. I am so grateful for the expertise and professionalism with which my mindfulness coach, Al, has guided me, and I began seeing the benefits shortly after beginning my practice. Al has been so kind as to conduct our most recent sessions by videoconference using Skype, which has been extremely helpful to me as a busy working parent of young children. — Krystal K.

Testimonials from participants of Al’s Personal Mindfulness Coaching

  • Mindfulness coaching with Al and my own practice are work in progress. After starting the coaching sessions, I have reduced my anxiety medications in half. I used to throw up before entering large and crowded grocery stores due to sheer anxiety. Those episodes have been reduced. I highly recommend Al’s sessions to anybody. — Ann W.

Testimonials from participants of Al’s Group Mindfulness Coaching

  • I appreciate Al’s light and playful way of presenting the information. I think we can take ourselves way too seriously when it comes to spiritual practice! I have studied with many different meditation teachers in the past and I am finding Al’s format of teaching and instructions to be soothing to the soul. Very relaxed, doable, and applicable to daily life. He seemed very comfortable with the content and this practice has clearly had a huge impact on his life. He has found a beautiful way to share this. Thank you! — Hilary W.

  • The mindfulness class with Al was very beneficial for me. I suffer from debilitating anxiety and taking these classes really helped to find non-medication ways to deal with my anxieties. Al has such a wonderful soothing voice and really made the class so much better because of this. He did a great job and it was very easy to following along. Thank you so much Al, I look forward to more classes with you. — Jamie S.
  • When I first heard of the Mindfulness classes I was very intrigued. I have always been very curious and open to the ideas however have never had a chance to explore the ideas. What happened was the most amazing mind opening experience I have ever had, and I want to thank Al Parikh for the loving kindness he bestowed upon all of us during our class. Al’s way of speaking makes the class even more captivating. I would find myself waiting so patiently until class day, then I could not stop thinking about my wonderful evening ahead. Al’s soothing tones help the stress to disperse, and his reassuring way brought me out of several personal dark places into the light of kindness and happiness.Thank you, Al – you really did make a difference in my life. — T. Trent
  • I think these classes have given me the insight and tools to help focus on being in touch with and living in each moment, with kindness and compassion for myself and others. I have often dealt with anxiety and worry in the past, and this practice truly teaches methods of coping in life-changing and sustainable ways. Highly recommended for anyone! — Shannon C.
  • Al’s guidance and in depth knowledge of mindfulness training was extensive.  He is considerate and caring of each persons’ experience and how mindfulness can be applied  in each of our daily lives . The guided mediation is easy to follow and very relaxing too.  I highly recommend exploring this program. — Sherri B.
  • My “Introduction to Mindfulness” program was a journey of SELF.  A journey of SELF-DISCOVERY!   I learned I don’t have to go 0 to 100 on most issues and situations.  I learned I have the WILLPOWER to control my reactions with meditation.  Taking the time to “LIVE WITHIN THE MOMENT” has helped me control not just my reactions to most issues and situations but has given me a new outlook on my life.  It has reduced my stress level immensely, an event my family has noticed. — Kim W.
  • Techniques learned in the course reinforced the need for me to focus and stay grounded.  I learned the power of being mindful in the present-when negative thoughts occur, I am better able to give the negative thoughts time to think through and acknowledge, but not to let the negative thoughts be all consuming. Learning to be aware has been most enlightening. Al was an inspirational facilitator during my introduction to mindfulness. — Tommie
  • I was introduced to mindfulness practice by Al through a mindfulness class series he offered through my employer. My desire to learn and develop a mindfulness practice came from a longing for “something” to help me digest the inevetible stress I was accumulating through my work, societal demands and personal life. As a Health Counselor I witness severe amounts of suffering, it became easy to lose myself in the suffering of my clients and lose sight of what was truly important to me.  Al was thoughtful in his deliveries and broke down concepts of mindfulness practice in a way that was understandable and easy to practice. I enjoyed his enthusiasm and sincerity as an instructor. His passion and giving nature shined through in his attentive listening, explanations and encouragments. Through his class I got a fundamental understanding of the purpose of using mindfulness and some techniques to use in my day to day living. One of them was noting my feelings and thoughts without judging. By the way, much more difficult than it sounds! I learned one thing about myself through his class which was that I was in a constant state of avoidance and resistance to anything uncomfortable, I became aware that I was filling every second of my day and mental space with distracting thoughts, activities or people. Through constant practice of mindfulness, I am learning to listen to my discomforts and find my self less resistant to changes and being more proactive. Which feels much better and has been more enliving. — Mayela T.
  • I have often pondered on meditation, finding the practice intriguing yet not able to “quiet my mind”.  When you offered your “Introduction to Mindfulness” class I thought maybe I could learn how to stop the noise.  I learned that and so much more.  To be able to take a deep breath, let go of the noise and just relax into the moment is an amazing thing.  In just 6 weeks, I felt better able to understand the processMonths later I am still able to just be in the moment.  This was a great experience for me and I look forward to checking out your guided meditation tracks.  Let me know when your website is live as I believe the guidance will only serve to enhance what I have started to learn about mindfulness. — Clayre T.
  • When a class in Mindfulness was offered by my workplace I was quick to request a place in the group. I really didn’t know much about it when I joined. I was truly a novice, but have always been open to learning new ideas. The teachings of Mindfulness spoke to me immediately. There was a sense of “ahhh”, this feels right. Getting in touch with my breathing and my body through Mindfulness brings me an immediate sense of peace and calm in the midst of all the chaos of daily life. When I feel anxiety or stress pushing its way into my mind and body I recognize it more quickly and the teachings of Mindfulness have given me tools to combat it. I had been trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to quit smoking for years. When I became Mindful of my smoking habit it was like opening my inner eye to what I was doing to myself. I have said to people “You can’t be Mindful and continue smoking” and I truly believe that. I did quit smoking about two and a half months ago and have not had one slip up since. Maybe to you that’s eating a cupcake every day, drinking too much alcohol or having negative knee jerk reactions to stressful situations. If there is something you want to change in your life, bringing Mindful attention to that will spotlight it in a way that is different from how you have seen it before. I highly recommend this class to anyone seeking a way to change how you react towards life’s daily challenges! — Heather M.