Introduction to Mindfulness – Webinar Series

I work for PeaceHealth; a Vancouver, WA based not-for-profit Catholic health system offering care to communities in Washington, Oregon and Alaska. PeaceHealth’s “Healthy You” program provides classes, tools and tips to help and inspire members of our communities on their health journey.

As part of “Healthy You” offering, I conducted a series of 8 hour-long webinars on many different aspects of mindfulness practice. The first webinar was conducted in March 2020 and the final webinar was conducted in July 2020. Each webinar included a talk, guided meditation and Q&A session.

The recordings of these webinars are saved on PeaceHealth’s YouTube channel. They are time coded to allow for easier navigation and are hyperlinked below for easy access.

The first webinar focused on the foundational practice of mindfulness of breath.

The second webinar focused on mindfulness of body.

The third webinar focused on mindfulness of thinking and thoughts.

The fourth webinar focused on mindfulness of feeling tones & emotions.

The fifth webinar focused on mindfulness of mind states.

The sixth webinar focused on loving kindness, especially on the foundational practice of loving kindness for loved ones and benefactors.

The seventh webinar was also on loving kindness, but it focused on using this practice to forgive someone who hurt or harmed us in the past.

The eighth and final webinar put all these components together that were highlighted in prior webinars.

Finally, you can check out PeaceHealth’s “Healthy You” page for useful information on a variety of topics related to health and healing.

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