On Letting Go (Revised)

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I posted my first guided reflection practice on letting go in March 2018. Since then I received some feedback from website users. Though they appreciated a novel way to perform mindfulness followed by reflection and investigation, they found the format of the practice to be very cumbersome.  There were too many stages and not enough time to stay focused on each stage. Some of them even lost track of the practice as they missed a phase in between and got confused during the track. I then decided to create a more free-flowing reflection practice in the same format as the rest of my guided meditation practices. This guided reflection track is the result of that effort.

In this format of reflection practice, we allow our eyes to gently close and tune in to feeling of the breath flowing in and out of the body. We focus our attention on the sensation of the breath moving past the nostrils or on the sensation of the breath moving into the belly lifting it during each in breath and receding gently on each out breath. We follow the breath as it comes in and goes out. As and when our attention drifts away from the breath, we observe and note the most dominant thoughts and emotions that have arisen. Behind these thoughts and emotions, we see if we are holding onto something. If we determine what it is that we are holding on to, we let go of it.

The goal of this practice is to experience some degree of freedom upon letting go of whatever it is that we are holding on to. Suffering and unhappiness result from craving and aversion. If we observe the thoughts and emotions underlying them, we realize that we are holding on to something. When we let go of whatever it is that we are holding on to, the thoughts and emotions pass away taking with them the cravings or aversions. This process occurs in real time as we continue to observe our breath and our attention drifts away from the breath precisely because of some craving or aversion that arises.

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