Impermanence, Looking Deeply

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Buddhist doctrines state that there are three basic facts of all existence:

Impermanence or Change
Suffering or Unsatisfactoriness
Not-self or Insubstantiality

Within these three facts, it is very easy to understand why impermanence or change is an essential characteristic of all existence. We cannot say of anything, animate or inanimate, organic or inorganic, that lasts forever. The meditation entitled “Impermanence Looking Deeply”, as it appears in Chapter V of “The Blooming of a Lotus” by Thich Nhat Hanh, helps us acknowledge this essential characteristic. It leads us to a deeper view of life.

It is important to understand that impermanence is not a negative aspect of life. It is the very basis of life. If what exists were not impermanent, no life could continue. This form of meditation will also help us look after our own bodies and minds because they will lose their flexibility and agility as we grow older. Thay describes in the book, “When we accept that all things are impermanent, we will not be incapacitated by suffering when things decay and die. We can remain peaceful and content in the face of change, prosperity and decline, success and failure”.

In this meditation, the in-breath is to touch a certain part of the body: eyes, ears, heart, lungs, and so on. The out-breath acknowledges its impermanence. In the third last verse in this meditation, we become aware of the planet Earth and acknowledge its impermanence. In the last verse of this meditation, we become aware of governments and acknowledge its impermanence as well. In these days of political partisanship and bitter divisiveness, it helps to acknowledge its impermanence too.

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May you be happy !!!
May you be peaceful !!!
May you live with ease !!!


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