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Guided Reflection on Impermanence

In the blog category “Guided Reflections”, I will provide detailed explanations for all the guided reflection tracks that I will place in the Resources section of this website. These blog posts will be hyperlinked from the “Guided Reflections” page under “Resources” menu option where these tracks in mp3 format will be placed for streaming or for downloading.

Impermanence, called anicca
(Pāli) or anitya (Sanskrit) appears extensively in the Pali Canon as one of the
essential doctrines of Buddhism. The doctrine asserts that all …

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My Journey into Health and Well-Being

In the blog category “General Health and Well-Being”, I will focus on the specific health benefits that accrue from the practice of mindfulness meditation. From time to time, I will take brief detours into other areas of health and healing as well.

Left - Nov 2011. Right outside the gates of University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. Right - July 2016. At Weight Watchers store in Beaverton, OR with leader Kathy Cunningham.

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