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Guided Reflection on Impermanence

In the blog category “Guided Reflections”, I will provide detailed explanations for all the guided reflection tracks that I will place in the Resources section of this website. These blog posts will be hyperlinked from the “Guided Reflections” page under “Resources” menu option where these tracks in mp3 format will be placed for streaming or for downloading.

Impermanence, called anicca
(Pāli) or anitya (Sanskrit) appears extensively in the Pali Canon as one of the
essential doctrines of Buddhism. The doctrine asserts that all …

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Fog in the Head

A participant in one of my mindfulness classes asked a question how to get rid of the fog in her head. This was a very profound question and I ended up giving her a lengthy reply.

To begin with, she is not unique in any way. We all carry fogs in our heads that seem to be present at all times. The fog undermines our ability to live in the present moment and to be present to our experiences with other people. …

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Five Differences Between Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation Exercises

Having practiced a number of relaxation techniques such as Autogenic, Muscular, Differential, Yoga Nidra, etc. for a number of years as well as mindfulness meditation, there are key differences between these two broad kinds of practices. Both of them can be very helpful to us and can go a long way in promoting health and well-being. However, it helps to understand the dynamics and differences between the two as listed below:

i) A state of relaxation is for the most part …

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